Stillpoint Reflexology experiences are of relaxation/ stress reduction nature and are not meant to replace medical advice or treatment.  I am not a doctor nor do I portray one on tv. Consult your healthcare provider before making any changes in you health care.

 Stillpoint reflexology is a distillation of my almost 30 years of study into various healing modalities including reflexology, aromatherapy,  ayurveda, Bach flower remedies, massage, and meditation. 

A common thread of balance and stress reduction runs through all of these modalities.  I have taken this idea and created simple yet effective techniques to promote a deep sense of inner calm. In this space of inner calm, void of incessant inner chatter you are able to relax and clearly see the joy in your journey and take appropriate action to restore homeostasis. 

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Stillpoint Experiences 

All experiences of 50 minutes or more contain time for basic image enhancement (brow shaping etc.) if desired.  Additional charges may apply. 

Stillpoint Reflexology Experience           30 Minutes           $25

        How do I put this amazing experience into words…Well, maybe by saying it has stopped more than one guest mid-sentence. That’s right, halfway through a sentence several guests have gotten so relaxed they just stop talking. Stillpoint Reflexology is one of my babies, birthed out of a desire to create a short, but highly effective, healing experience. The genesis of this  treatment began one day while working on a client that  I just couldn't get to settle down. Desperate to get her into a more relaxed state i instinctively began holding areas on the feet that corresponded to the chakra points on the body and almost immediately she relaxed and became still. Over the next several years I expanded and refined this simple technique into what I now call stillpoint reflexology. 
The Stillpoint reflexology  consists of two parts.  First, gentle constant pressure applied to specific points on the bottom of the feet and toes. Then, while gentle pressure is applied to a foot reflex the corresponding point on the body is lightly held till a sense of balance between the two points is achieved.  
 Stillpoint differs from traditional reflexology in the fact that the treatment consists of constant pressure applied to the reflex zones not the ”inchworm movements” of traditional reflexology. This constant pressure has a very relaxing effect on the body and allows you to fall into deep stillness. It is in this stillness that your innate self- balancing response is activated and healing begins.
This experience forms the foundation of all the other experiences I offer and is a complete treatment in itself.  Receiving this treatment on a regular basis can have a very profound effect on all aspects of your life.
The experience in a snapshot:

  • Performed fully clothed except the feet of course.
  • It’s been compared to a very deep state of  meditation without having to do the work

    Sobro    Stillpoint Reflexology with brow shaping  45 Minutes  $30

Two of my most popular experiences combined into one;  Stillpoint reflexology and my signature brow shaping.

Stillpoint Reflexology with Foot Reflexology   50 Minutes  $40 
Traditional foot reflexology reinforced with stillpoint reflexology.  Your feet and body will thank you!
       The experience in a snapshot:

  • Performed fully clothed except the feet of course.
  • Reflexology of the feet
  • Includes stillpoint Reflexology treatment
  • Warm Towel Wrap of the feet

Journey Into Stillness     70 minutes    $60

  Quickly  becoming my most requested experiences. Journey Into Stillness' expanded time allows for the addition of reflexology of the hand and ears plus another mini balancing treatment.
The Experience in a snapshot:

  • Performed fully clothed except the feet of course.
  • Full Body Reflexology of the Hands, Feet & Ears
  • Includes the updated Dynamic Stress relief treatment with 1-2-1 -2 point balancing
  • Warm Towel Wrap of the feet

Freedom in Movement  (Massage)   80 minutes   $60                                                                 
When you think relaxation is not enough. Freedom in movement incorporates deep relaxation with stretches and traditional  flowing movement of massage to help increase range of motion.
The Experience in a snapshot:

  • Requires disrobing (you are discreetly draped at all times)
  • Includes the updated dynamic stress relief treatment with 1-2-1 balancing
  • Includes work on the upper torso, head, back, arms and feet.
  • Uses glycerin based massage “oil” and warm towels to increase the experience
  • Closest treatment to a “massage” I offer 

You’re Glowing…    (Facial Reflexology)  80 minutes  $60  

 Glowing skin is an inside and outside job. You're glowing combines the inner balancing of reflexology with natural products to refine the skin.
The Experience in a snapshot:

  • Choice of  disrobing or you can be “draped” in your street clothes
  • Includes stillpoint reflexology
  • Includes gentle brush massage of the face and neck to promote lymphatic drainage
  • Signature lifting massage of the head and neck to promote toned skin.
  • Warm towel compresses abound in this treatment
  • Hand, Ear and Foot Reflexology
  • Warm herbal paste to absorb the excess massage oil
  • Cooling massage with mineral gel and rice paper compresses
  • Closest treatment to a “facial” that I offer 

ALL IN… The Ultimate Experience   140 Minutes    $110.
When 80 minutes of bliss is not enough. ALL IN gives you the extra time to escape into deep relaxation. Includes work on the face and body.  This treatment has had several names over the years but the end result has always stayed the same…inner peace… outer radiance!
Combines the Your Glowing experience with your choice of either journey into stillness or freedom in movement.

                                  Image Enhancement

Brow Shaping    15 Minutes   $16 +

Beautiful brows have been my mission since my days as a makeup artist. Over the past 21 years I have performed at least 20,000 brow shaping. My goal has always been to create natural looking brows that enhance your natural beauty and does not overpower it.  Beautiful brows are timeless.  I use a variety of techniques to achieve just the right look.  All brow shapings end with a relaxing 3rd eye treatment to calm the skin afterwards.   Hair removal on other areas of the face available. Check online appointment system for more information.