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Stillpoint reflexology is a gentle technique that quiets inner resistance and chatter to restore your natural state of balance. In this place of stillness, you can clearly hear your inner guidance on what action, if any, is needed to bring lasting health and happiness.  Stillpoint differs from most other forms of reflexology in the fact that the treatment consists of constant pressure applied to the reflex zones and not the traditional ”inchworm thumb movements”, This constant pressure has a very quieting effect on the body and unlike  energy techniques like, Reiki, that require moving a specific energy through the body, stillpoint only seeks to bring about stillness.  Guests often feel immediate results and many have found receiving treatments on a regular basis either in the studio or by self-care at home has a cumulative effect that can benefit all areas of your life. I have found that working the reflexes on hands and feet are the best starting points other areas including face and ears may be incorporated to reinforce the experience. Hybrid treatments that combine traditional reflexology, massage and other modalities are always  available.           

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Freedom in Motion         ( Massage)                          80 minutes
Goal: Increased range of motion, pain relief and stress reduction
The Experience in a snapshot:

  • Requires disrobing ( you are discreetly draped at all times)
  • Includes the updated dynamic stress relief treatment with 1-2-1 balancing
  • Includes work on the upper torso, head, back, arms and feet.
  • Combines compression movement along with traditional flowing massage style strokes
  • Uses glycerin based massage “oil” and warm towels to increase the experience
  • Closest treatment to a “massage” I offer

​​You’re Glowing… Inner and outer radiance experience   (Facial)  80 minutes

  • Goal: balanced skin and healthy body
  • The Experience in a snapshot:
  • Choice of  disrobing or you can be “draped” in your street clothes
  • Includes the updated dynamic stress relief treatment with 1-2-1 balancing
  • Includes gentle brush massage of the face and neck to promote lymphatic drainage
  • Signature lifting massage of the head and neck to promote toned skin.
  • Warm towel compresses abound in this treatment
  • Hand, Ear and Foot Reflexology
  • Warm herbal paste to absorb the excess massage oil
  • Cooling massage with mineral gel and rice paper compresses
  • Closest treatment to a “facial” I offer

ALL IN… The Ultimate Experience   140 Minutes
Goal: Total R&R…. Relaxation and Radiance that is
The experience in a snapshot:
When 80 minutes of bliss is not enough. ALL IN gives you the extra time to escape into deep relaxation. Includes work on the face and body.  This treatment has had several names over the years but the end result has always stayed the same…inner peace… outer radiance
Combines the Your Glowing experience with your choice of either doubleplay reflexology or freedom in movement
The longest experience I offer.

Stillpoint Reflexology Experiences

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​Disclaimer:  Stillpoint Reflexology experiences are of relaxation/ stress reduction nature and are not meant to replace medical advice or treatment.  I am not a doctor nor do I portray one on tv. Consult your healthcare provider before making any changes in your health care including medications, 

3.  Arrive to your appointment time ready to receive your treatment.   No need to stress about if you choose the right treatment we will review your options at your appointment.

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 What is Stillpoint reflexology?


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2.  Review the forms of Stillpoint experiences available

Stillpoint Energy Balancing Experience
  Stillpoint energy balancing experience consists of two parts.  First, gentle constant pressure applied to specific points on the bottom of the feet and toes. Then, while gentle pressure is applied to a foot reflex the corresponding point on the body is lightly held till a sense of balance between the two points is achieved.  This experience forms the foundation of all the other experiences I offer and is a complete treatment in itself.  Receiving this treatment on a regular basis can have a very profound effect on all aspects of your life.

Stillpoint Hand Reflexology
As you relax in the treatment chair gentle pressure is systematically applied to the hands to awaken the reflexes. Special attention is paid to the reflex spots relating to the spine and head. On the second go around the palms are massaged with special metal tools focusing on the three major lines in palmistry (heart, head, and life) and other congested reflexes.  On the last round a modified 1-2-1 energy balancing is performed. During the treatment your hands are gently comforted by warm bags of rice. If you’re lucky you might also get some personalized insight on your personality as the hands can tell a lot about you. Don’t let the simple nature of this treatment fool you. It is a very powerful balancing tool.

Stillpoint Foot Reflexology
Still point foot reflexology begins as most treatments do in the studio.  You are reclining on the adjustable treatment bed with soft music and the sound of running water the background. The lights are dim and room temperature is just right. The reflexes on your feet are gently worked using the traditional “inchworm” approach to feel out and breakup any tension in the feet, Next the stillpoint method of constant pressure to specific reflexes of the feet and toes is applied then the feet are wrapped in warm towels and allowed to rest for a few minutes. The treatment finishes with the 1-2-1 energy balancing technique in which a reflex on the feet is held along with corresponding point on the body till a since of balance is achieved. This is reflexology redefined


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Beautiful brows have been my mission since my days as a makeup artist. Over the past 22 years I have performed at least 20,000 brow shaping. My goal has always been to create natural looking brows that enhance your natural beauty not overpower it.  Beautiful brows are timeless.  I use a variety of methods including my unique scissor threading techinque to achieve just the right look.  All brow shapings end with a relaxing 3rd eye treatment to calm the skin afterwards.   Hair removal on other areas of the face available check online appointment system for more information.

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